• Jaws Movies

    There are three movies in The Jaws collection all popular with viewers who enjoy suspense coupled with a sprinkling of violence as many scenes depict shark attacks.Read more

  • Thor the Dark World

    So here's an old comic question: will Mjolnir try to follow Thor if he gets teleported to the other edge of the galaxy? According to Thor: the Dark World, the answer is yes! Read more

  • Resident Evil

    When it comes to video game films, the Resident Evil franchise is not always at the head of the pack. Aside from including familiar faces in the cast, the actual story details do not always coincide with the actual events in Capcom's zombie-rrific game.Read more

  • Iron Man 3

    So first things first, what exactly happened to our genius industrialist in the past movies? Well, like any superhero gone public, he faced quite a lot of nasties, fending off both the obvious villains and the ones disguised as men of status.Read more

  • Silent Hill

    Video game movies are tough to make -mostly because you are pleasing two sets of viewers: fans of the game, and those who simply want to see the movie. The first Silent Hill movie went for a balance and attempted to make both sides happy...Read more