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Did the Jaws Movies Make People Fear Sharks

Jaws 1975

There are three movies in The Jaws collection all popular with viewers who enjoy suspense coupled with a sprinkling of violence as many scenes depict shark attacks.

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Trailer Time

Man of Steel

Yep, plenty of new movies are coming, and here's all the latest trailers for the ones that are worth watching. Chances are, you'll be seeing some of them playing at the big screen in a week or so ---because you're definitely gonna watch Iron Man 3 when it comes out right? Right?!

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Time to Hit the Theaters!

Lucky Bastards

Watch Lucky Bastard, Earth's Final Hours, The Company You Keep, Trance and Evil Dead at the theater.

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Taken 3 Movie

Taken 3

The first Taken movie introduced Bryan's estranged daughter Kim as the first abductee. She went on a trip to Paris with her friend Amanda, with plans of following the band U2's European tour. Initially, Bryan is portrayed as a paranoid father, trying but failing to form a better relationship with his daughter.

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Grab your checklists: Revelation 3D Review: Pyramid Head Stays True to the Game and its Fans

Tom Cruise from Oblivion

We're past the first quarter of 2013, and there are plenty of great movies that are going to come out soon. Question is, are you ready for them all?

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Iron Man 3 Movie Preview

Iron Man 3

So first things first, what exactly happened to our genius industrialist in the past movies? Well, like any superhero gone public, he faced quite a lot of nasties, fending off both the obvious villains and the ones disguised as men of status.

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