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Our Top 5 Christmas Animations

polar express

Christmas movies are an integral part of the festive season as we all love to curl up on the sofa to watch our favourite films. There are so many Christmas films to enjoy, while here we take a look at our top five.

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Thor the Dark World Review

thor the dark world

Ever What Happens to Mjolnir When Thor Gets Teleported? Thor: The Dark World Answers this Question and Gives Us So Much More

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Resident Evil

resident evil retribution movie

When it comes to video game films, the Resident Evil franchise is not always at the head of the pack. Aside from including familiar faces in the cast, the actual story details do not always coincide with the actual events in Capcom's zombie-rrific game.

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Silent Hill

silent hill revelation 3d

Video game movies are tough to make -mostly because you are pleasing two sets of viewers: fans of the game, and those who simply want to see the movie. The first Silent Hill movie went for a balance and attempted to make both sides happy: it was a bad move that sent that film down in both regular reviews and in the eyes of the fans.

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