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Ever What Happens to Mjolnir When Thor Gets Teleported? Thor: The Dark World Answers this Question and Gives Us So Much More

thor the dark world

So here's an old comic question: will Mjolnir try to follow Thor if he gets teleported to the other edge of the galaxy? According to Thor: the Dark World, the answer is yes! In fact, if you wanted to confuse the magical hammer, just have old golden-locks jumping back and forth between wormholes and poor Mjolnir will zoom back and forth trying to catch up. But that's just one amusing thing we found out after watching much anticipated movie. Marvel's movie team has pulled out on all stops to fill this movie to the brim with so much enjoyable scenes that it becomes so hard to decide which one is our favorite. Oh, and be forewarned, here be spoilers!

Thor: the Dark World takes place after the events of the Avengers -with Thor bringing his brother Loki back to Asgard and proceeding to clean up various messes across the nine realms in order to regain the stability they lost when the rainbow bridge was broken in the first film. There are four mini prologues to the film, one discussing the history of the Aether, the Dark Elves, and how Asgard's forces vanquished them, one with Thor hammering his way towards earning peace (he smashes a Kronan into bits), one with Loki getting sent to prison, and the last one is with Jane Foster, who is trying to move on from her experiences in the first film. And yes, Jane spectacularly fails to move on and is inexplicably tangled up once again in cosmic affairs because of her research.

This time, instead of the rainbow bridge, Jane's sensors are focused on detecting a special event that will happen once every few thousand years: that all-magical time when the nine realms align. To make a long story short, Jane is teleported to the all secret vault holding the Aether (this woman has either the worst or best luck in the MCU), she gets infected by the dark power, and at the same time, the just-awakened Malekith and the rest of the Dark Elves decide to hunt her down (apparently, their interstellar alarm clock is has been set for the next cosmic alignment).

The most heart wrenching part of this super hero film is when Frigga, Thor's mother falls to Malekith's sword. Actually, no, she falls to Kursed's sword. Malekith, despite being played by the ever-awesome Christopher Eccleston, is an earnest but ultimately, ineffective villain. Frigga literally kicks his butt in melee combat when he tries to capture Jane (you'll all love the scene where Jane gets introduced to the rest of Thor's family), proving once and for all that Odin's taste in women is nothing short of epic. Frigga's untimely death proves to be the major catalyst that gives the movie a quick 10-minute heist-style prison escape with Thor, Jane, Sif, Volstagg, that fencing guy, and Loki.

Without a doubt, Tom Hiddleston's performance as Loki steals the show and goes well towards putting Thor The Dark World in the best 10 super hero movies of all time. Which is a pretty awesome feat considering that for most of the first part, he's stuck in a prison cell. From bitter, to angry, to conniving, to just outright silly, Loki's onscreen interaction with Thor provides some of the most brilliant moments. Pay close attention as the two try to walk out of prison, as Loki brings in the most clever application of an Avengers character. Also, it is nothing short of hilarious hearing Hiddleston's voice coming out of Chris Evan's mouth.

Our favorite part of the movie, has to be the climactic battle in the end. For the simple reason that while Thor's fight with the Aether infused Malekith is literally tearing the worlds apart, Jane is actually being useful (she's using the unstable dimensional patterns as massive Looney-Tunes style traps to defeat the Dark Elves). One could even say that it was her (and Erik's) efforts that ultimately saved the day.

Lastly, for all of you who already know well enough to stick around for Marvel's ever present post credits scene, don't stand up after Volstagg and Sif entrust an Infinity Gem to the Collector in the first one. Thor: the Dark World actually has two scenes, and Thor and Jane's happy ending appears right after the very very end of it all.