Our Top 5 Christmas Animations

Christmas movies are an integral part of the festive season as we all love to curl up on the sofa to watch our favourite films. There are so many Christmas films to enjoy, while here we take a look at our top five.

The Polar Express

polar express

The Polar Express is an amazing Christmas film that transports viewers to the North Pole along with a cast of child characters on a magical steam train called, yes you guessed, The Polar Express. Starring the superb Tom Hanks as the ticket collector it is the story of a boy that doesn't believe in Santa anymore who boards a magical train in the dead of night to travel to meet the man himself. The cast involves five main children's characters including the non believer boy, a clever girl, a lonely boy and a very annoying know it all boy.

The children have many adventures on the train before reaching the North Pole and Santa, while they also learn many lessons plus discover the true meaning of Christmas too. The film has everything viewers wish to see at Christmas such as elves, Christmas trees, snow, reindeer, toys and of course Santa. Adults and children alike will simply love this film that is filled with adventure, excitement, magic and ultimately delivers the Christmas spirit to us all. The Polar Express is definitely a film to see this Christmas, especially in 3D if possible, as the special effects are truly amazing.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

the nightmare before christmas

This is a Tim Burton Film that is typical of his work in that it has a darker side, a place he always seems to explore in his movies, even his Christmas creations. Made by Aardman Animations of Wallace and Gromit fame it is the story of Jack Skellington that lives in Halloween Land who discovers a door leading into Christmas Land. Stepping through the door he finds a land filled with bright lights, music and all things Christmassy. Jack falls in love with this land and wants to bring Christmas to Halloween Land for himself plus take over the job of Santa.

Parts of this film are very comical, while some parts are a little dark meaning younger children may be frightened by some scenes. Inevitably everything backfires on Jack Skellington putting Santa, his elves and Christmas in great jeopardy. It all ends on a positive note with Jack not only spreading the Christmas word, plus making the inhabitants of Halloween Land appreciate Christmas but also getting his girl in the final scene. We think The Nightmare Before Christmas is a different take on the usual Christmas movie but it is funny, interesting plus is unusual in every way making it a film that keeps you riveted till the very end.

Arthur Christmas

arthur christmas

Arthur Christmas is a must see over the festive season as it is a family story about Santa, voiced by Jim Broadbent his sons, their grandfather and how they organise the delivery of all those wonderful Christmas presents for the children of the world. Arthur, voiced by James McEvoy, discovers that one Christmas present has been missed and realises that the little girl who was to have the gift is going to be disappointed this Christmas.

It's a zany story of how Arthur, Santas youngest son and Grandsanta, Arthurs grandfather decide to deliver the missed present themselves on Grandsantas old sleigh pulled by reindeer. In this story Santa's world has become very hi-tech, while Grandsanta voiced by Bill Nighy and Arthur wish to prove that sometimes the old ways can work just as well.

The story incorporates sibling rivalry as Steve Arthur's older brother who is destined to inherit Santa's mantle dismisses Arthur as a clumsy fool who is far too sentimental about Christmas and the letters the children send to Santa. Eventually Santa with the help of Mrs Santa comes to a decision that surprises us all, not least Arthur. Arthur Christmas is heartwarming and uplifting, while also having plenty of comic moments that will really get the kids chuckling this Christmas.

A Christmas Carol 2009

a christmas carol

There can't be many of us, unless we are really young, that do not know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge the main character in Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. There have been many adaptations of the book over the years with this 2009 animated film version of the story being up there as having one of the most amusing depictions of Scrooge ever played by Jim Carrey.

Scrooge is an old Victorian miser who has no time for the festive season, while he has the reputation for being a cruel employer and an all round wicked man. Scrooge is visited by his late partner Jacob Marley who warns him of the error of his ways. He informs Scrooge that he will be visited by three ghosts, one from the past, one from the present plus one from the future who will take him through his life showing him how he will end up if he does not redeem himself and quickly.

The animation is superb with 3D effects looking spectacular throughout. Carrey is an excellent choice as the miserly Scrooge, while finally Scrooge does see the light and is as good as his promise to be a better person in the future. This film is great for children and adults alike plus portrays the Christmas message and sentiment in abundance as the writer so desired. The story of Ebenezer Scrooge is as synonimous with Christmas as Santa and Christmas presents making it a must watch for the festive season.

The Snowman

the snowman

The Snowman was first released in 1982 and was introduced by David Bowie, while since then has become a real Christmas classic that children and adults alike have enjoyed watching over the Christmas period. Written by children's author Raymond Briggs it is the story of a boy who builds a snowman on Christmas Eve that comes to life and flies with him to The North Pole to meet Santa.

The film has everything we want from a great Christmas film such as a heartwarming sentimental story that really fires the imagination. After all what child would not wish to play with their very own snowman who also could transport them through the air to attend a snowmans Christmas party where Santa himself is guest of honour.

The animation is simple being of a pencil drawing nature that really suits the film, while the music plus the theme song "Walking in the Air" are instantly recognisable today. The ending is a little sad as when the boy gets up the next day the snowman has melted and he wonders if he didn't imagine the whole thing. The moment is saved when the boy pulls out from his pocket a scarf that was given to him by Santa himself during his visit proving that he really did fly to The North Pole with his snowman. A Christmas classic in every way children everywhere simply love The Snowman.