[Trailer Time] Man of Steel, R.I.P.D., Catching Fire, Mortal Instruments, and More!

Yep, plenty of new movies are coming, and here's all the latest trailers for the ones that are worth watching. Chances are, you'll be seeing some of them playing at the big screen in a week or so ---because you're definitely gonna watch Iron Man 3 when it comes out right? Right?!


Someone tell Ryan Reynolds' agent to lock him in this role (and stop him from making another godawful Green Lantern movie -or from reprising his role as Deadpool). Reynolds seems like a great fit for RIPD, and his rapport with Bridges makes for an excellent supernatural buddy-cop film. Ryan, if you're listening, stick to this so that we can forget about all those other movies and pretend that this is your first comic-to-film role.


OMG, less scenes of Clark Kent fishing. And yes, all about the Man of Steel doing awesome things with explosions and massive things collapsing. Admittedly, all the other Man of Steel trailers were discouraging. This one is seems to promise the epic movie that Superman deserves.

Also... if your fathers were Russel Crowe and Keving Costner, it doesn't matter if you're kryptonian or not, you're bound to be super.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Like the first film, the trailers for the sequel of the Hunger Games movie looks grand. Here's to hoping that UNLIKE the original, the awesomeness of the trailer actually carries over to the film.

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Angry, fashionable, leather-clad teens hunting demons. Don't let the Twilight-ish vibe of the trailer fool you, this film is based on a book that is actually worth reading (hahaha). Kidding aside, fans of the Books will appreciate some of the casting choices made. Here's to hoping they pull off the story nicely so that sequels will be made.